“Surprising Bond: Street Cats Raise a Litter as a Team, Revealing the Importance of Friendship Among Felines”

Two felines were raised on the pavement and took care of a litter collectively. Their strong bond impressed many for their undeniable dependency on each other.
bonded cat sisters

shy cat sisters
Celia and Gladys, who spent their childhood outside, teamed up to take care of an entire litter of kittens through Orphaned Kittens Montreal. With their perseverance, they carefully collected all the kittens and their mother along with Celia’s sister. These feline friends found a safe haven at a veterinary clinic where they were nurtured until their babies were mature enough for adoption. Celia and Gladys remained devoted to raising the kittens together until they were weaned and ready to be placed in forever homes.
bonded cats
Gladys, the gray cat, and Celia, the brown one, were once stray kittens in Montreal. While all their siblings found loving homes, these two sisters needed extra help since they were not used to human interaction. The local clinic contacted Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a rescue group, for support. Fortunately, a kind-hearted family, who volunteers for the rescue, offered to foster the cats and give them the care they needed.
brown tabby cat
Celia, on the other hand, remained shy and introverted. She didn’t show much interest in interacting with her foster family and preferred to stay close to her sister, following her every move. Despite being in a comfortable environment, it seemed that Celia needed more time to open up and feel at ease. While Gladys flourished into an outgoing and curious cat, Celia remained reserved and hesitant.
gray cat tabby cuddly
Gladys and Celia have two distinct personalities – Gladys being the bolder one and Celia being more reliant on her sister. At Chatons Orphelins Montreal, Gladys takes care of Celia by grooming her. Celia, in turn, looks up to Gladys and seeks solace in her. She never leaves her side, not even when they sleep.
bonded cat sisters
The adorable kittens of Chatons Orphelins Montreal are inseparable. However, Celia tends to hide in her hiding spot whenever visitors drop by, but she’ll eventually come out when Gladys is around. It’s evident that Celia looks up to her big sister and follows her every move. Observing Gladys’ interactions with humans have helped Celia build up her confidence and taught her the value of trust.
bonded cat sisters
Celia is a devoted follower of her sister, Gladys, and likes to be wherever she goes. When their owners sit on the couch, Gladys runs to them and Celia quickly follows suit. Interestingly, if the family plays a video of a cat meowing on the computer, Gladys rushes to check it out and Celia tags along. The two cats are inseparable!
cat tabby best friends
The kittens from Chatons Orphelins Montreal enjoy relaxing and cuddling near the window where they can soak up the sun and observe the environment around them. These adorable felines are in search of a caring family who can offer them the attention and care they need to flourish and become more comfortable in their new surroundings.
cuddly cats sleeping

sweet cats snuggling
Let your friends know about this amazing story! Read on to discover more about Celia, Gladys, and the heartwarming work done by Chatons OrphelinsMontreal.

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