Kody Brown of “Sister Wives” Comes Up Short Against Christine in Google Search Rankings

Suppose the enthusiasts of Sister Wives decide to search for Kody Brown on Google. In that case, they will come across a surprising fact that Kody is no longer the protagonist of the show, and his ex-wife has replaced him.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown and Christine Brown looking upset

Kody Brown’s star power has been dwindling over the past few seasons of Sister Wives due to his excessive tantrums and outbursts. While he used to be known for his jolly demeanor and pride in his polygamous lifestyle, his popularity has taken a hit in recent years. In fact, some of his wives are now surpassing him in recognition. Previously, searching Kody’s name would yield results referring to him as a “TV personality” and leader of the Brown family, making decisions without his wives’ input. However, the turmoil of the last few years has caused Kody to lose his spot on the analytics pedestal.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown on Google screenshot

When you search for Kody Brown on Google, you might notice that he is now referred to as “Christine’s ex-husband.” This is because Christine Brown has been gaining popularity since announcing her decision to leave Kody after 25 years together. Despite the potential slight from Google’s renaming, Christine has risen in search engine rankings due to her increasing public interest. She seems to be focused on moving forward and not looking back since leaving Kody, as evidenced by the headline “Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Isn’t Looking Back After Leaving Kody.”

Side by side images of Sister Wives' Christine Brown

After parting ways with Kody in November 2021, Christine is content with her decision. She has relocated to Utah and is enjoying spending more time with her children and grandchildren while also finding love with a new partner. Her social media updates reflect her joyous state of mind. However, Kody is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his third wife, and their relationship has been rocky since her departure. Recently, they have started communicating again to discuss co-parenting their daughter Truely, who Kody feels uncomfortable living with Christine’s fiancé David Woolley. David and Kody do not get along, especially after David learned of Kody’s past treatment of Christine. Despite this, David will be appearing on the upcoming season 18 of Sister Wives alongside Christine. Kody’s popularity has also taken a hit due to these conflicts and he is trying to find ways to regain favor with viewers.

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