Heroic Canine Comes to the Rescue of Owner, Unforeseen Consequences Follow

Once again, the endearing behavior of Baekgu, a four-year-old canine, is a reminder of why dogs are deemed as humans’ closest companion.

The brave dog saves the owner in distress and the unexpected result - Photo 1.

An elderly woman with dementia residing in Hongseong district, South Korea, was reported missing on August 25th. She was later spotted in a farm’s security camera walking away with her small white dog named Baekgu. Local authorities, with the help of firefighters and volunteers, immediately conducted a search operation that lasted for 40 hours. Despite the heavy rains and cold nights, the team finally found the 90-year-old woman collapsed in a field two kilometers away from home. Police expressed gratitude towards Baekgu for leading them to the woman. The small dog helped keep Kim’s body temperature stable during the ordeal. Rescuers utilized drones to locate the dog in the vast field, which eventually led them to the missing woman. Kim was transported to the hospital for medical care and has since made a full recovery.

Chú chó dũng cảm cứu chủ nhân gặp nạn và kết quả bất ngờ - Ảnh 2.

The ceremony was held to honor the brave dog named Baekgu. The local authorities recognized Baekgu’s act of bravery and awarded it a new title. South Korea’s National Fire Agency introduced new regulations allowing the appointment of honorary firefighters and rescue dogs, making Baekgu the first honored rescue dog in the country. During the awarding ceremony, representatives of the authorities adorned Baekgu with a wreath around its neck and a congratulatory cake. Governor Yang Seung-jo stated that Baekgu had created an incredible miracle during a difficult time due to the epidemic.
Baekgu’s owner, 90-year-old Shim Geum-sun’s daughter, adopted the dog three years ago after being attacked by another dog. Baekgu was especially fond of Kim and often stayed by her side. When Kim went missing for hours, the family was worried until Baekgu found her. The family considers themselves lucky to have Baekgu as their protector. Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes, as evidenced by the story of Bella, a loyal hiking companion who sprang into action to save her owner, John, from a life-threatening situation. A sudden rockslide trapped John under debris, but Bella’s quick thinking and remarkable sense of smell led rescuers straight to him, saving his life.

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