“Grateful Feline with a Unique Nose Finds Forever Home Thanks to a Kind Rescuer”

The feline, described as Shar Khan, went to his potential savior’s grandson and gave him a little headbutt and rub. It seemed like he knew that his rescuer had arrived. The cat was in terrible condition, with matted fur forming dreadlocks, torn ears, and half of his nose missing. The animal shelter in Baldwin Park, Southern California, took him in after he was found as a stray. Upon initial inspection, the staff believed he had a terminal disease and was slated for euthanasia until they discovered he had a microchip. Shar Khan is estimated to be around 9 years old.

According to Toby Wisneski, the CEO and founder of Leave No Paws Behind, a group that specializes in rescuing older and unwell animals, they are required by law to keep the animals for 10 days before attempting to contact the owner or the chip information. However, despite several days having passed, nobody had come forward to claim ownership.

The animal shelter attempted to reach out to various rescue organizations to assist the cat, but they had not been able to connect with Leave No Paws Behind yet. However, through a Facebook post, Wisneski finally discovered Shar Khan.

After being tagged in a post, Wisneski decided to investigate and found a cat named Shar Khan. She felt sympathy for the poor animal and asked her son to go check on him at Baldwin Park. Although she already planned on rescuing him, it was the bond formed between Shar Khan, her son, and grandson that solidified her decision. The cat seemed to sense that his savior had arrived and showed affection by giving head butts and rubs.

Upon the expiry of Shar Khan’s stray hold, Wisneski promptly took him to the veterinarian. The medical diagnosis revealed that Shar Khan was suffering from early-stage kidney disease, blood-related complications, and other health problems. Additionally, there was an issue with the cat’s nose that needed to be addressed.

Wisneski shared that the doctor revealed the possibility of a severe infection that gradually consumed the dog’s nose. Other assumptions were that he may have experienced abuse or diagnosed with cancer. However, they cannot confirm anything until the dog becomes stable enough for a biopsy. Despite these concerns, Wisneski reassures that all these issues are solvable.

According to Wisneski, even though he has some health problems, they are not severe enough to justify putting him down. The key point is that Shar Khan is not suffering; in fact, he appears to be thrilled to still be alive.

According to Wisneski, the cat is extremely content and has a strong desire to continue living. She described him as being incredibly affectionate, with a particular fondness for purring and physical touch. Wisneski also expressed her admiration for the way the cat would nuzzle against her and show his appreciation. Overall, she found him to be an endearing and grateful little creature.

A lady embracing a rescued feline.

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