From Heartbreak to Hope: Abandoned Dog Finds New Purpose as Surrogate Mom to Orphaned Kittens

On day 26, Georgia’s physical health is improving after giving birth, but mentally she is still searching for her lost babies. However, on day 27, we introduced three motherless newborn kittens to Georgia, and she immediately took a liking to them. While only one kitten was able to latch onto Georgia for feeding, we are bottle-feeding the other two until they figure it out as well. Unfortunately, on day 29, one of the kittens passed away, and we are unsure if it was related to a small amount of blood near its rear end. Despite this tragedy, Georgia is focused on caring for her two healthy kittens, who we have named Graffiti and Gumball. On day 32, Georgia also named the newest addition to the family, an orange kitten whom we have named Goober. All the kittens are growing well, with each weighing 7-8 ounces, and Georgia continues to be a great mother by taking care of them and keeping them clean. On day 39, Georgia even received a new collar from her owner, and on day 41, everyone is happy and healthy.

On the 45th day, Georgia’s babies would spend time with her after every meal. During this time, they would cuddle, nurse, and get cleaned. Both the mother and her babies enjoyed this part of the day. Unfortunately, Georgia had developed a visible tumor on her female parts and would begin chemotherapy treatment soon. However, the doctors were positive that the cancer was highly curable, and Georgia would recover fully.
Once the treatment started, Georgia’s babies would have to stay away from her until it was over. The smallest one, Graffiti, had not yet learned to jump out of the pool. On the 50th day, Georgia took a ride to her new adoptive home where she would be called Milo. She would undergo her cancer treatment and recovery with her new owner, @torbazorb14. On the 52nd day, Georgia/Milo and her owner were happy to see each other at her first chemo treatment.
Finally, on the 70th day, Georgia/Milo completed her last chemo treatment and was feeling good. This tough lady had to fight for herself on the streets, lose all her puppies, and endure chemo treatments. On the 85th day, her babies had grown bigger, weighing about 2.5 pounds, and were becoming quite confident.

Although my heart belongs to dogs, I will miss these little rascals. On the 95th day of their separation, the reunion between Georgia or Milo and her baby kitten, Gumball or Toby took place. We all hoped for a fairy-tale ending where they would run towards each other and frolic in happiness. However, animals are honest, and Milo was slightly scared of Toby. Nonetheless, this is a true and happy ending for both of them. I am elated for Milo and will always cherish her and her three kittens. Share this story with your loved ones without hesitation!

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