From Abandoned to Daddy’s Girl: The Heartwarming Tale of Nora and Her Backup Human

Nora, a lovely dilute calico cat, is quite attached to her daddy. Her mom playfully refers to herself as the “backup human” as a result. However, Nora doesn’t have any favorites and has a charming and affectionate personality that endears her to everyone. Ironically, due to her sweet and cozy nature, she was once abandoned at a shelter.

Nala Meets Worlds, Nora the dilute calico and her adopted dad Damien, rescued cat, Pennsylvania

When the family visited a pet store adoption center to buy supplies for their resident pets, they stumbled upon Nora and felt an instant connection. Despite initial reservations from her fiancé, Ellen had a hunch that Nora was meant to be part of their family. It turns out that Nora had been abandoned at a shelter for being “unwanted” despite being an extremely affectionate kitten with a history of motherhood. Sadly, this is not an uncommon situation, as many pets adopted during the pandemic have been abandoned due to rising costs or changes in their owners’ work schedules. This has put a strain on rescue shelters across the country. However, Nora’s new family quickly fell in love with her and she bonded especially well with her Dad, who works from home. Fortunately, Nora has found a loving and permanent home where she can thrive and show affection to her heart’s content.

Nora the dilute calico with her dad, Damien, daddy's girl, rescue cat, Nala Meets World

Nora now loves to doze off anywhere near her father or under the warm sun. Interestingly, Nora has a “Backup Human” – a term that her new mom, Ellen, coined for herself. Ellen was amazed by Nora’s unique patchwork of gray, gold, and white fur, which made her stand out from the rest. According to Ellen, Nora may belong to a rare breed of American Ringtail Cat due to her tail’s unusual curve that hangs over her back. Despite being seen as odd at the adoption center, this feature only makes Nora more special to Ellen. However, if Nora is indeed a Ringtail cat, there is a possibility that her previous owner was a breeder trying to profit from this rare breed. Thus, Ellen encourages everyone to adopt cats instead of shopping for them. Although Nora is more inclined towards her father, she still loves to knead on Ellen’s face. Ellen jokes about being Nora’s “backup human” and asks if there are any other backup humans out there who can relate.


The story of how Nora, the beloved cat, found her way to her current loving home was recently reminisced upon by her family. Initially labeled by the shelter as “unwanted,” Nora now resides in the best possible environment – a home full of love and safety. Her owner, Ellen, expressed how Nora immediately knew she was safe and cherished. Nora shares her home with other rescue cats, including Nala, a female ginger tabby, Diggle, an older ginger cat, and Oliver, a senior tabby. Although Nala and Nora quickly bonded, Diggle initially took longer to adjust but eventually warmed up to her. Before introducing the cats, the family followed a quarantine period to ensure a smooth transition – inspired by feline expert Jackson Galaxy and similar to when they introduced Nala to Diggle as a kitten. Below are the crucial steps they took to successfully introduce Nora to her new feline family members.

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