“Compassionate Woman Gives a 21-Year-Old Abandoned Cat a Loving Home for his Final Days”

As Tigger reached the end of his life, his owner left him behind at the mercy of fate. The 21-year-old cat was left alone and abandoned.

Back in 2015, a poor cat named Tigger was left behind by his previous owner at a veterinary clinic. He was in dire need of care and affection. Meanwhile, a couple named Nicole and her boyfriend were searching for a furry friend to keep their 6-year-old cat company. Initially, they weren’t planning on getting another pet, but Tigger’s story on the Canton Neighbors Facebook page touched Nicole’s heart. They knew they had to do something to help this 21-year-old orange tabby, so they made the decision to adopt him from Towson Veterinary Hospital and give him all the love he deserved.

Nicole and her partner shared a moment of agreement when they first saw the cat. They made a decision to adopt him without hesitation. Upon bringing him home, they noticed how comfortable he seemed with having pillows and blankets around him, as if it was something he had always known.

However, unlike other cats that are adopted, Tigger was in an awful state – severely malnourished and covered in matted fur. When they took him to the vet for a checkup, they received a long list of prescriptions for his recovery. But with time and care, Tigger’s transformation was nothing short of miraculous. His fur became soft and silky instead of dry and matted, and he gained weight while also becoming a happier cat overall.

The family became worried as they observed Tigger’s newfound eagerness towards drinking water. It was not his usual behavior. Nicole sensed that something was amiss, so she hurried him to the vet for a check-up. Unfortunately, they discovered that Tigger had been suffering from kidney failure and had been carrying a tumor the size of a golf ball inside his body.

Nicole, being a genuine admirer of felines, didn’t succumb to despair upon learning about Tigger’s health issues. Instead, she gathered her strength and resolved to fulfill Tigger’s desire for a fulfilling life. Together, they embarked on various adventures listed in their bucket list. Despite Tigger’s kidney failure and the discovery of a tumor, he carried on with the same zeal as a twelve-year-old cat. Nicole shared her experience on Facebook, revealing Tigger’s bucket list full of exciting escapades.

Tigger was an extraordinary feline who enjoyed exploring the great outdoors and basking in the warm sun on the beach. His owner, Nicole, owned a house in Bethany Beach where they frequently visited. On two separate occasions, Tigger’s birthday was celebrated with much enthusiasm. He even made an appearance on Fox 5 DC where he was interviewed. Tigger had been a regular participant in family holidays and often accompanied another feline friend. Nicole created a Facebook page to document Tigger’s adventures from his bucket list, which became popular among people. People appreciated how Nicole opened her heart to a senior cat and how Tigger had brought joy to their entire family.

According to her, Tigger’s story is a testament to the wonders of adopting elderly pets and providing them with the best possible time left in their lives. His presence has had a profound impact on their lives, and they hope that his story will inspire others to consider adopting older animals.

Regrettably, after commemorating Tigger’s second “Gotchya Day,” he calmly purred for 30 seconds before passing away in his owner’s tender embrace. Nicole’s heart was shattered into fragments. She expressed that the knowledge that he rested his head in her arms while purring in his final moments was invaluable. He did not have to endure stress from a visit to the veterinarian, and he departed surrounded by his entire family, including his mother Adriene, father Michael, and his brother Stuart, the six-year-old cat.

Nicole will never forget the crucial moment when she was able to protect Tigger in her arms. Despite the intensity of the situation, she felt relieved and appreciative that Tigger remained unharmed.

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