Angry Kittens Who Demand To Be Taken Seriously Right Meow

Ahh, little kittens. They’re cute, cuddly, and irresistible…that is unless you get on their bad side. Then they become fluffy little monsters who stare into your soul and plan your demise. Hell hath no fury like a kitten scorned!Whether it be strange people, new surroundings, and other cats, if your precious kitten is having a bit of a mood swing the best thing to do is probably just give them space. Save yourself from those razor sharp claws and tiny sharp teeth. You could always bring a few treats as that can never hurt but you have been warned!Check out this list of angry furbabies who are just not up for your shenanigans.


1. This is my watermelon


2. Fiery little demon kitty!


3. Where is my food???


4. You shouldn’t of got me wet …


5. “How dare you hold me like this and take a pic of me. ????? ” meowwwwwww


6. That look you give when someone does something stupid


7. Can you hear me meow?!


8. This is pretty much how my fiancé looks when she’s mad. Like a kitten thinking it’s a tiger XD it’s adorable!


9. omg, call an exorcist!


10. He just looks done with everyone


11. Yes, I know I have pretty eyes, now leave me alone


12. Just love these babies.


13. Defending his pebbles…They’re hisss




15. “Are you kitten me” look


16. Hello Karen. Did you get what I told you?!


17. You should see the other guy.


18. Just wait, I will get you my pretty.


19. Learning my hissy-fit in front of the mirror, so’z I kin be good and ready as an adult.


20. So ya want a piece of my brotha? Well ya gotta go through me first!


21. Those green eyes!


22. “I do NOT wanna be up here so high! I DEMAND that you PUT ME DOWN. Neow!”


23. We need to talk…


24. “Gosh, I’m gorgeous!”


25. Kitten said, “shut up” when someone keep talking.


26. Go ahead. Call me “widdow piddy” one more time…


27. Me, when I wake up before the alarm goes off. Only, I don’t look as fabulous as that.


28. Fierce!


29. “No, please, go on. I’m listening…”


30. Baby kitten

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